We’ve all done it – sang our hearts out to our favorite tunes while no one else was around or dreamed of what life as a famous musician would be like. Occasionally, in your solo performances, you may have even accomplished singing a note good enough to wonder, can I sing? If this sounds like you, I have good news for you. There is a good chance that, yes, you are able to sing! I’m not saying you’ll become the next Beyonce or Adele, but by taking voice lessons, you can become a good singer.

There is a belief that you either have the ability to sing or you don’t – born with it, so to speak. The truth is that with hard work and dedication, you can learn to sing. However, just like with learning any new skill, singing presents a couple of difficult challenges.


Learning to breathe while singing can be challenging because we don’t naturally think about our breathing as human beings. Breathing is an impulse that comes naturally, but with singing, you must actively focus on where and how you’re breathing. For instance, utilizing “phrasing” when preparing a new song. Phrasing is planning out where you will take breaths BEFORE you start singing so that you can make sure you are using your breaths efficiently. Singing is all about being able to control your breathing. If you can learn techniques required to control your breathing, you can learn how to sing.

Tone and pitch deafness

Some people are unable to match notes and dynamic levels as they hear them. This is known as tone and pitch deafness. One of the best ways to overcome this is to learn to read and understand music. I know. I know. Having to pick up another skill when trying to learn something new is hard and usually a deterrent for many, but if you stick with learning voice-based, music theory techniques, your newfound understanding will take you a long way in developing your vocal abilities and overcoming tone deafness. You may even learn that you aren’t tone deaf at all, especially since it is believed that it only impacts around 4% of the population.

There are additional challenges, but none more difficult than breathing and tone deafness, and as you read, there are solutions. So, if learning to sing is important to you, pursue it! Don’t believe that it isn’t meant for you or that you don’t have the gift. The only thing stopping you is putting in the effort. Below are a few recommendations on getting started with voice classes.

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Beginning with voice classes

I absolutely recommend hiring a voice coach. There is no better way to learn and develop your singing abilities than through voice classes. Many of your favorite singers have one, and some of them even travel with them.

In combination with music education, we teach you breathing methods, how to read music, master pitch and tones, and even help you protect your vocals. If you’re serious about learning, this investment is important to your development.

Secondly, allocate 30 minutes to an hour per day learning about music. Whether it be a YouTube video, a book or catching a live performance, making music a part of your everyday life will go a long way in helping you find your voice.

And finally, practice, practice, practice. Pick a song you love, study it and sing it as often as possible. Learn the notes, the timing, the pitch, etc. This helps to keep you motivated and really appreciate just how much goes into one performance and cultivate a true love for the art. Make sure you pick songs that not only sound good to you but FEEL good to you when you sing them. Trying to sing a song out of your vocal range is the quickest way to discourage yourself from learning to sing.

Keep this information in mind when considering pursing your singing dreams. I hope to see you on Broadway or the stage of your dreams someday!

Brionn Warner is a local vocal instructor who offers private singing lessons online or in person for beginners of all ages. To learn more about voice lessons with Brionn Warner Music, click here.

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