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Vocal music lessons in the Sugar Land and Greater Houston Areas

Brionn Warner Music offers vocal music lessons to match your needs. You’ll learn a variety of techniques that will help you become a stronger vocalist. With multiple options, you can determine which class is best for you!

Breathing techniques – We will learn how your singing voice relies on your breaths, ways that you can control those breaths, as well as different ways to breathe that will best support you while singing.

Pitch training – Learning to recognize notes by ear and match your voice to the notes as you hear them. This skill is helpful for general music knowledge, as well as growing your vocal ability and range of music you can sing

Exploring vocal range – Finding out what your voice can do, and where you will thrive and grow the most. Singing outside of your range is a quick way to discourage yourself as a singer. We will work on ways to grow your skills and perfect your technique in your comfort zone. 

Vocal range expansion – Once we explore where your voice is most comfortable, we can explore ways to expand that comfort zone and get you singing higher and lower notes than you’re used to.

Vocal control techniques – Learning to control your voice while singing without using bad habits like squeezing your throat closed or holding your breath.

Vocal styling – Discovering your personal sound as a singer as opposed to mimicking your favorite singers’ voices is a huge step to make as a vocalist. We can work together to discover what YOU sound like by exploring new music and genre’s that push the limits of what you’re used to hearing from yourself.

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Online only (starting March 1, 2023)

Brionn is available to give lessons virtually on a number of video platforms, such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and more. These lessons can be purchased individually or in monthly packages.

Let’s sing together.